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What factors affect the price of customized school uniforms


2022-05-28 11:40

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After finding the school uniform manufacturer, customers who customize school uniforms are most concerned about

Custom uniforms

In fact, I didn't understand the style of the school uniform. The price quoted by the selected fabrics and processes is inaccurate. It's hard to say that it's an irresponsible quotation.



Custom uniforms

1. fabric cost (I believe we all know that different fabrics have different prices.)

2. processing fee (the process involves the printing, complexity and other costs of school uniforms.)

3. profit + VAT + transportation cost (different profit margins of each manufacturer lead to deviation in quotation.)



Custom uniforms

Custom uniforms

The quotation is the continuation and result of the school uniform valuation from

Custom uniforms

The valuation of the school uniform is only the first step.

Custom uniforms

The price of is not exactly equal to the quotation, and there may be fluctuation error value. A high-quality

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If a purchaser wants to get an accurate quotation, it is necessary to provide the corresponding style drawings and sample clothes instead of blindly opening an inquiry.