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How should senior three students be motivated?


2022-05-28 11:35



Received such a message:

I am a novice class teacher in senior three. The students in my class have been lacking in fighting spirit. Up to now, they are still nervous. The number of eugenics is getting smaller and smaller. I am very anxious! How can we stimulate their sense of competition? If I could get your advice, I would be very grateful!

The teachers and students in the third year of senior high school are most nervous. A teacher with a sense of responsibility is even worse off than his students. Students are in senior three of one year, and teachers often have to take senior three with them.

A teacher who is not strong enough in psychology is too nervous, anxious and afraid. He intentionally or unintentionally transfers these emotions to the students. He doesn't feel normal until he tosses the students into anxiety and fear. In fact, it's abnormal. If you use too much force, it's not good for you to play well.

You are a novice class teacher in the third year of senior high school. You may be prone to overexertion. I suggest that before entering the class every day, you focus on your breath, take a deep breath for several times, keep smiling, and don't frown. You are a general. You are flustered, and students are prone to panic. If you lose control and scold from time to time, they may spend several days digesting negative emotions and affecting their study.

In my opinion, the most important thing for senior three students is that they are nervous. The

Now let me take over the head teacher of senior three. What would I do? The

I will probably start from these aspects:

1. Control my emotions. I am afraid that the students in my class will fail in the college entrance examination. I will be nervous, but this tension should be digested by myself.

2. Punctual work and rest is conducive to physical and mental health, and it is also a kind of learning rhythm. This can be repeatedly emphasized. Students are not supported to stay up late without restraint. This is inferior diligence, which will only lower the standard.

3. The students in the class, the good, middle and poor class, have been determined. Except for a few exceptions, their college entrance examination scores will also meet their standards. The results of a single exam may fluctuate, but the good students become worse, and the poor students are less likely to become better. Of course, if the poor students do well in the exam, they should be encouraged. If the good students fail in the exam once, there is no need to be harsh. If the hidden knowledge weaknesses are corrected, the teachers and students should be more fortunate and relaxed. Teachers in particular should not be nervous.

4. High school teachers who are eager for quick success and instant benefits are apt to strategically give up students from the middle and lower classes, and even impose mental blows, so that they can sit still and wait for death, without affecting discipline and good living. I advise you not to do so. Some students can hardly recover from this blow. Cruel measures to suppress poor students will also pollute the healthy psychology. They fear that they will be the next target to be hit.

When the middle and lower class students despair and lose confidence, your management will encounter silent and lasting resistance. It's possible that hatred of you lasts for decades. This is really a failure and tragedy of education.

5. It is not easy for every child to stick to the third year of senior high school. It is even harder for middle and lower class students who know what they can't do. At least you must sympathize with them and respect them.

Fighting to the end until failure seems to be a tragedy for middle and lower class students in senior three. In fact, it is their most valuable spiritual asset. This kind of experience will appear again and again in your life. In the future, unlike the college entrance examination, you have a rough idea before, but you fight for resilience. You don't know who will win at the last moment.

I will remind them again and again: please remember your experience of sticking to the last day of senior three. This is the meaning of senior three. Good students succeed in the third year of senior high school. If they don't struggle, they won't go far. Middle and lower class students will keep in mind and repeat the struggle mode of the third year of senior high school. There are endless possibilities in life.

A good teacher makes all the students find meaning in the third year of senior high school. Naturally, he is not afraid of their slackness. I think this is also the purpose of education, so that every student can live out the meaning of life. Only take care of the top 10 children, create unlimited fear and pressure, or get good performance in the college entrance examination. I think such education is too low-end.

What is the meaning of teachers' existence? It is to make the students who have come into contact with themselves more confident and able to face life. The college entrance examination is only a by-product.