School uniform of the heart New Dr. Hong

Oriental students - Teaching in service, Dr. Hong once again appeared in the Shanghai school uniform Exhibition


2022-05-28 11:43


Oriental students - Teaching in service


It is the mission that Chongqing hongboshi Clothing Co., Ltd. has always adhered to. It is once again invited by the 2019 Shanghai international school uniform · garden uniform exhibition and will appear in the Shanghai school uniform exhibition again!



Students are the future and hope of the country, and school uniforms are the "second skin" that students wear for a long time. They are related to the physical and mental health and mental outlook of students. They are an important connotation of school culture construction and play an important role in educating people and cultural inheritance. It plays a very important role in cohesion. Strengthen the students' sense of social responsibility and make them clearly aware of their school responsibilities; Abide by the campus civilized norms and code of conduct, and strengthen the social supervision and protection of students' safety; Promote students' identification with their own identity, improve the cohesion of the school and students' sense of collectivity, and enhance the friendship among students.



The uniform school clothes of Chinese schools are roast by students that they are too rustic and loose, which is not fit; The customized school uniform is also floating on the gorgeous appearance, lacking a kind of cultural tension and unable to highlight the spirit of Oriental students. Dr. Hong always adheres to the viewpoint of "student-oriented school uniform", and is committed to creating an oriental school uniform rooted in the hearts of students and integrating fashion, safety and culture. Taking the school uniform customization movement as the position and the cultural gene as the driving force, we should correctly guide students' world outlook, values and outlook on life, improve students' aesthetic cultivation and their recognition of national culture, and reshape China's long lost school uniform culture.

Dr. Hong is a high-end campus clothing brand under doston group, with a total registered capital of 130million yuan. Hongbotu always adheres to The core value of "student oriented school uniform" is committed to creating an oriental school uniform rooted in the hearts of students and integrating fashion, safety and culture. Hongbotu brand attaches great importance to the safety, quality and after-sales service of school uniforms. It not only strictly controls the fabric selection and production management, but also creates a complete school uniform traceability system. It truly presents a safe, reliable and beautiful school uniform to students. Dr. Hong has It has won many honors, such as "top ten in China's school uniform industry", "China's green environmental protection products", "national quality service letter" AA enterprise "and" China's quality service consumer satisfaction Enterprise ".

Dr. Hong will, as always, adhere to the mission of "Oriental students, teaching in service" and the "public welfare school uniform plan", so that more students can wear exciting school uniforms.



The 2019 Shanghai international school uniform · garden uniform exhibition will be held at the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall from April 19 to 21. Dr. Hong is looking forward to building a Chinese youth education dream with various brand industries of universities and enterprises and contributing to a force. "Laughter is sunshine, which can eliminate the winter color on people's faces". The future flowers of the motherland, wherever they are, hope to see you show the same smile!