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Why do students wear custom uniforms


2022-05-28 11:41

Reading Guide: we all know that since the unified school uniform was put forward, it has been criticized by the society. These criticisms lie in only two points. One point is that the school uniform is ugly. Why should we wear customized school uniforms? This point of view is mainly among students and some parents. Another view is that uniform school uniforms will be good for both students and schools. This view has been affirmed by many people, so many schools now have unified uniforms.

Why wear a custom school uniform

So why should students wear school uniforms? At present, the school uniforms of primary and secondary schools in China are mainly loose sportswear, rather than Western-style uniforms adopted by schools in countries such as Japan and South Korea. First of all, students are a group with a large number of sports. The active behavior of students reveals that they will not sit quietly all day or all morning, The binding clothing mode is not conducive to students' activities and will restrict students' activeness. However, looser sportswear can better exercise without binding, making it more comfortable and sporty.

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Advantages of customized uniforms

Then, if the school unifies the school uniform, it not only standardizes the dress of students, but also makes it more convenient for students to manage. As for why the colors of school uniforms are rare, and the styles are relatively single. This is also determined by the characteristics of children. Simple and simple style will reduce the psychology of comparing and showing off wealth among students. More suitable for schools to learn and receive education

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