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Easy to understand tell you how school uniforms are divided


2022-05-28 11:35

There are many kinds of school uniforms and more styles. In order to make it easy for schools, parents and students to understand the division of school uniforms, we systematically summarized the current mainstream division mode of school uniforms, hoping to be helpful to the purchase of school uniforms.



By wearing season

According to the seasonal division method, school uniforms can be roughly divided into spring and autumn clothes, summer clothes and winter clothes. Spring and autumn clothes are generally short sleeved with long sleeved coats and trousers, while summer clothes are generally short sleeved with shorts or thin pants, or short sleeved with knee length skirts; Winter clothes are generally made up of charge jackets, overcoats, down jackets and other matching plush and thickened trousers.



By age group of students

According to the age classification method, school uniforms can be roughly divided into: kindergarten uniforms, primary school uniforms, junior high school uniforms, senior high school uniforms, college students' class uniforms / school celebration uniforms, etc. special attention should be paid to school uniforms under the age of 14. In addition to meeting the school uniform calibration, they must also meet the children's clothing quality standards.

By function category

According to the classification of functional categories, it can be divided into sportswear, tuxedo and sportswear. Sportswear is easy to understand. In the case of tuxedo, it is generally the standard school uniform in the style of suit. In the case of sportswear, it is the combination of sports and tuxedo, such as sports jacket with dress skirt, long sleeved shirt with sports pants, etc.

By style

According to the classification method of style, it can generally be divided into sports meeting style, British style, academic style, new Chinese style, Japanese and Korean style, etc.