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2022-05-28 11:39

Do your children like to wear school uniforms? Have you ever heard middle school students complain that their school uniforms are "fat and ugly"? Have you ever envied the beautiful school uniforms of foreign children? This year, the roast about school uniforms was also on the national two sessions. A few days ago, the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the people's Republic of China submitted a proposal - the proposal on promoting high-quality supply and eliminating defective school uniforms, which called for providing high-quality and beautiful school uniforms for primary and secondary school students.

According to the sampling survey results of the relevant special research conducted by the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the people's Republic of China in 2018, the public satisfaction with school uniforms in China is less than 30%. Some primary and secondary schools unilaterally emphasize the consistency of norms, do not pay attention to the comfort and beauty of school uniforms, and often order school uniforms with loose structure and ugly style, which not only affects the function of school uniform aesthetic education and guiding cognition, but also causes students to get tired of wearing school uniforms. Although the Ministry of education, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and other four ministries and commissions issued guidance on school uniform handling in 2015 and arranged multiple departments to jointly carry out school uniform supervision, at present, different provinces have different methods and effects on school uniform handling, and some regions still present "disabled school uniforms" and "ugly school uniforms".



Illustration: many campus uniforms were roast because of their ugly styles. network diagram

Once the proposal was reported by the media, it was praised as "amazing" by netizens. Why?

In people's impression, the NPC and CPPCC are "huge" meetings. The representatives and members discuss the national economy and the people's livelihood and major policies. Unexpectedly, a small school uniform has also become a topic at the NPC and CPPCC. In fact, this is not strange. Although the matter of school uniforms is small, it is related to hundreds of millions of primary and secondary school students across the country.

Secondly, what is more commendable is that the committee members not only paid attention to the quality of school uniforms, but also to the beauty of school uniforms. In this proposal, the words "ugly style", "ugly school uniform" and "face pocket" were used frankly for some school uniforms.

Middle school students are in puberty, which is the age of beauty. But look at the children around us: most of the fabrics of school uniforms are knitted. Although the intention is to facilitate children's activities, most of the materials are loose; There are few sizes that fit, most of them are very fat, especially the pants, which are not summarized; The colors are mostly blue, gray, white, or large color block color matching



Illustration: many school uniform materials are loose and completely out of shape. network diagram

Let's take another look at the foreign school uniforms. The girls' school uniforms are basically skirt suits. With a slim fitting jacket, they look very spiritual; Boys' school uniforms are similar to Western-style clothes, simple and generous, serious and handsome. Compared with foreign school uniforms, our school uniforms are a low version of sportswear! Nowadays, many children are tired of wearing school uniforms, but the campus stipulates that they should wear them every day, so they have to put on "face pockets" every day... In fact, it is so "sad"!



Illustration: when can such a beautiful and fitting school uniform enter the campus? Hongboshi school uniform

Third, China's clothing planning and production level is not backward, and school uniforms do not need the participation of international famous brand planners. Why has the problem of "ugly school uniforms" not been changed for many years? Through in-depth investigation, the proposal of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the people's Republic of China pointed out the Crux: at present, there is still a phenomenon of "monopolizing and maintaining" local enterprises in the production of school uniforms in China - some local administrative departments are still interfering with the old "price limit" documents

The purchase of school uniforms affects fair competition and forces students and parents to choose "inferior school uniforms".

The proposal made by the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the people's Republic of China can be said to be followed by local atmosphere and temperature. The proposal advocates that, together with improving the beauty of school uniforms and helping primary and secondary school students enhance their cultural self-confidence, we should focus on breaking the price limit and "local maintenance", so that more students and parents have the right to choose "high-quality and good price" school uniforms; Together, it is also necessary to strengthen the development of functional fabrics and school uniform style planning, deepen quality management, and cut off the channel for "defective school uniforms" to flow into the campus.

If this proposal can be implemented, the school uniforms of all campuses can blossom, be fashionable and appropriate, and the children wear their favorite beautiful school uniforms to school every day, how happy it would be!