School uniform of the heart New Dr. Hong

Local talks on the national two sessions | choosing school uniforms to give students the right to speak


2022-05-28 11:38

Recently, during the two sessions, the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the people's Republic of China submitted a proposal to the CPPCC National Committee, saying that some school uniforms are ugly and students do not like to wear them. It is suggested to improve the beauty and comfort of school uniforms.

School uniforms originated in Europe, originally from Polai, and began to appear in China after the revolution of 1911. In order to prevent children from competing with each other in clothes and create an equal educational environment, uniform school uniforms have gradually added new meanings and functions with the development of society and become an important part of school culture.

The reform and opening up has not only promoted the rapid economic development, but also realized the great emancipation of ideas. School uniforms have gradually entered all kinds of schools at all levels and become the "standard" for students; The rise of school uniforms not only makes their styles and fabrics more diversified, but also meets the needs of students at different levels.

School uniform, although it has the name of the school, is worn by students, so students should have a certain say in the choice of school uniform; In reality, the unity is overemphasized, and the consciousness of the school often firmly occupies the dominant power; What kind of school uniform to wear reflects the spirit of a school. It is also necessary to consider the general affordability. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the school is dominant.

In order to promote school uniforms, some schools do not focus on "whether students like it" or "whether the price is fair". They do not hesitate to include "wearing school uniforms" in the routine discipline assessment. They go to school for inspection and class inspection, and force every student to order and wear them with the system, regardless of the feelings of the students.

It is precisely in the selection of school uniforms that the "school leadership" and the influence of other factors, for school uniform producers, naturally, they will not give too much consideration to students' preferences and spend their energy on design and development; Just deal with the "school" and can; Perhaps, just because of this, some school uniforms are ugly in style and poor in quality. One suit for every thousand schools even appears "poison school uniforms".

These school uniform problems, seemingly insignificant, actually hurt students. It is not conducive to enhancing the collective consciousness of students, nor to students' appreciation and feeling of beauty, so that parents' desire to "reduce the economic burden" is wasted, and even students' bodies are injured, affecting their healthy growth.

Students are the future of the nation. Anything that hinders their growth, however small, is also a major event. Therefore, in the face of the "school uniform problem", we should attach great importance to it, orderly break the "local protection" that restricts the school uniform to keep pace with the times, respect the voice of students, and use the market law to let students wear out their youth and culture.

What kind of school uniform to wear makes students have something to say. Before ordering, the school needs to widely solicit students' suggestions, or guide students to design, or provide a variety of styles for students to choose, and then "seek common ground and keep minor differences", and steadily reach a consensus to determine the style, fabric, price, etc. of school uniform.

Meanwhile, in the process of purchasing uniforms, the school should create conditions for students to actively participate in "manufacturer selection" and "price negotiation", which not only cultivate students' awareness of democracy and participation, but also put "sensitive topics" under the sun, so as to effectively eradicate possible corruption.

To pay attention to school uniforms is to pay attention to the healthy growth of students. It is undoubtedly a good policy to make up for the problems and deficiencies in such uniforms in time and give students an appropriate voice; Although these problems cannot be solved overnight, as long as the first step is taken, it will be sooner or later to solve the problems.

School uniforms, although related to the school culture and educational image, are in the final analysis a matter of students, and should not be careless; Students should have the right to speak and decide what to wear.