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How to choose the size of school uniform customization


2022-05-28 11:40

When buying clothes for their children, most parents will choose clothes that are one size larger. Because their children are in the stage of growing up, a larger size can be suitable for wearing for a long time. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding in life. Now basically, a school uniform can only be worn for one year. In fact, there is no need to deliberately choose a school uniform that is one size larger. If you choose a school uniform that is one size larger, you will be very generous, Children don't like wearing clothes very much,

But as a professional

School uniform customization

For manufacturers,

Considering the height and physique of most children, and some obese students, how to customize the size of the student uniform? The size deviation is too large to make the child uncomfortable or unable to wear it.



School uniform customization

According to the height ratio of children in China, each style has a customized standard size segment. Children of different heights and shapes can choose a suitable school uniform according to different sizes. This will also greatly enhance the students' favor of school uniforms. If the school uniform customized is not fit, the children will not be willing to wear it. If the children like the customized style of school uniform, the parents will naturally feel that the school uniform customized is very good. So as to form a kind of public praise publicity for the school.