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The dean of Peking University examinations made a sharp speech: why am I deeply worried about China's next generation of elites


2022-05-28 11:31

Dean of Peking University Examination


In the first half of this year,

He went to Shanghai to interview students.

Without exception, every student is:

Excellent academic performance

——At least in the top 5% of the grade;

Outstanding artistic expertise

——At least one musical instrument;

Won scientific and technological innovation awards at all levels

——At least the second prize at the municipal level;

zeal for public welfare

——I went to the nursing home to wash the old man's feet at least once

While lamenting the high comprehensive quality of Shanghai students, there is also a faint regret:

They look so perfect that they don't seem to see any shortcomings; They also look so similar, just like a set of "furniture" made by a mold.

Including their performance in the interview.

One by one, sitting upright, smiling without showing their teeth; When they speak, they enunciate clearly and cadently, as if they were reciting a poem with deep feelings, but no one may tell them,

He was not interested in who they were showing,

He is interested in the real who they are.

What surprised him most was that when asked what kind of person you want to be in the future, no one could answer.

The students told him that they had never thought about it at all.

Really never thought about it?

Not really.

They had thought about this problem, but it was so long ago that they even forgot it.

When I was a child, when adults asked their children, what would you like to be when you grow up?

The children always answer cheerfully: scientists, astronauts, pilots, police uncles

However, when the children went to school, these problems were never mentioned again, as if they had never appeared.

A growth track recognized as a good student, or a perfect education roadmap imagined by parents, looks like this:

Go to the best local kindergarten;

Before going to primary school, I knew a lot of Chinese characters, could do complex math problems, could recite many classic articles in large sections, and spoke fluent English;

Then go to the best local primary and secondary schools;

Enter the best university in China

——Peking University, Tsinghua University;

After graduation, I went to Harvard, the best university in the world.

Of course, many people have been targeting Eton, Exeter and other famous schools since middle school.

Not to mention that not everyone can achieve these goals, even if all of them are achieved,

And after that? Where is the goal of life?

He said:

Over the years, I have seen many excellent children all over the world. All of them are talented, hardworking, and always among the top groups of their peers.

However, few people can appreciate the pain and confusion in their hearts.

Life needs goals, but society, schools and families have not taught children how to find and set their own goals.

Our understanding of life and education is too single and lacks imagination. Education has been simplified into a straight line for further education.

No one told these children what to do after going to Peking University or Harvard?

Is it possible that since then, life has become a smooth path, and we will never encounter all kinds of troubles, difficulties and difficulties again?

In 1923, Mr. Lu Xun once asked thoughtfully, "what happened to Nora after she left?"

I also want to ask:

"How will it be after being admitted to Peking University?"

Going to school is to receive a good education. It is a process that a person must go through in order to achieve his life goals.

In this process, the most important and primary thing is:

Realize what you will be in the future.

Although a person's life is long and there seem to be many things he can do, in fact, there is only one thing he can really do.

This is a man's mission to the world.

Discover that mission cannot be relied on


——Although many people do suddenly realize their mission in a dream or in a flash of light

——Education is the most important and fundamental means.

The value of education is to awaken the potential in every child's heart and help them find the special mission hidden in their body and the thing they are destined to do.

This is the real challenge that every school and every family faces in education.

It is more important and fundamental to know what kind of person you will become in the future than which school you go to and how many scores you get.

We should be soberly aware that,

Life is not a game designed by others. As long as you invest time and money and configure more powerful "equipment", you can pass the customs.

Once the customs clearance is completed and the game is over, life will immediately face a situation where there is no way to go.

So, how can I know what kind of person I will be in the future?

In other words, how can you find the special potential in your life?

Everyone's approach may be different, but the most important thing is to listen to his inner voice, find his real interest, and realize what your life will come about like Steve Jobs, who was born for apple.

Generally speaking, most excellent people will not do anything badly. The real difficulty is to distinguish whether this thing is something you really like.

He suggested that every student, no matter how heavy his homework is, must take a little time to be alone every day, leave a little gentle space for his mind, and listen to his deep desire in a completely relaxed state.

Sometimes, you can take out a piece of white paper and write down your ideas.

No matter how naive, ridiculous, or even shocking these ideas seem, it doesn't matter. Anyway, they are written for yourself and have nothing to do with others.

To judge whether a period of life has quality, it depends on whether each day is the day you really want to live