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Custom school uniform - prose poem written by a teacher


2022-05-28 11:20

Reading Guide: youth is the persistence revealed in unruly, the faith in youth buried in the sea of flowers, and the youth flowing out of the bones. Or gorgeous or melodious, fleeting time takes away youth, leaving only a set of school uniforms branded with youth memories. Dr. Hong's school uniform is a factory that specializes in baking ovens for children and customizing school uniforms. Now Dr. Hong's school uniform takes you into a teacher's prose poem

Custom uniforms - the rest is more than memory

The breeze blows on my face, and the fragrance of flowers smells. The sun shines softly on the faces of teenagers. His face was full of proud teenagers, and his unique symbols and patterns were printed on his school uniform. By chance, I saw a few more English letters and a cartoon cat on my friend's skirt. Seeing that I was in a daze, my friend took it off generously and enjoyed it with me. "These English words are really good!" I secretly admire. How did you know that your friend heard it and gave me a proud smile. I chuckled. These are unique. These English fonts are like poppies, growing enchanting. What they believe in -- I believe The cartoon cat, with its thin body and long tail bent into an S shape, is really a smart cat. Looking at these beautiful characters, as if in the bottom of my heart, I was deeply shocked. Youth is infinite, memory is endless. Once promised agreement, the same campus, familiar uniforms, freeze this memory.

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Customized school uniform - once our youth

The air was filled with the faint fragrance of flower buds and grass buds, and the sound of flowers in full bloom seemed to be heard in my ears. The youth of the campus, everything seems so vibrant, so vigorous, flowing blue spots, connected into a picture volume. At a glance, I found my school uniform coat missing. In my heart, I was worried about the possibility of losing my school uniform. An inexplicable feeling rippled in my heart, whether it was worry, fear or something.

The students on the playground were all free. I looked around and saw a lot of school uniforms waving to me on the grandstand. I was so surprised that I ran there.

One by one school uniform is similar, no matter how different it is, it is just a model. My heart is anxious again. I looked at my school uniform lightly and regretted that I hadn't marked my school uniform. After hesitating for a long time, my heart crossed and I grabbed a seemingly familiar school uniform. In my heart, I put on this school uniform uneasily, and habitually put my hand into my pocket. Unexpectedly, I found that there was a napkin I put in the morning. Happy heart. This kind of surprise made me feel that my fate with it was so deep.

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